Well.. I’ve heard about Naturopathic Medicine but I have some questions?

Why see a Naturopathic Physician?  

Most often people choose to see a Naturopathic Physician because they want a little more control over their conditions.  Maybe just a chance to take the time to talk about everything that’s going on.  Perhaps, they’d like a little more information about their lab testing or treatment options and how to take steps before they need conventional interventions.  Most patients want the opportunity to be looked at as a whole being and and to have the cause of their complaints identified and addressed rather than just having the symptoms addressed.

How are Naturopathic Doctors trained?

BC requires licensing of all Naturopathic Physicians, which requires that they complete a minimum of 3 years of pre-medical undergraduate training and a 4 year post-graduate training at an accredited naturopathic medical school. Training includes over 3000 classroom hours in basic and conventional clinical sciences as well as nutrition, counseling, and botanical medicine and roughly 2000 hours of Clinic experience in Physical Medicine, Counseling and General Medicine. ND’s also must complete standard North American exams in all the basic and clinical sciences as well as a practical skills exam.


I’ve heard all Naturopathic Physicians make you stop Dairy and Sugar!

Many people have sensitivities to dairy and sugar and would benefit from avoiding them – maybe most of us would, but a treatment plan has to be specific to you and your life and what will be effective for you. No plan will work if it’s too difficult to follow.  An appointment with a Naturopathic Physician will give you enough time to create a plan together, and one that will be appropriate manageable and effective.