I’ve talked before about two fantastic magazines (The Autism File and Gluten Free and More).  This month, both have articles discussing how to make Halloween fun, safe and stress-free of families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or special diets.

Gluten Free and More‘s article focuses on tips for keeping Halloween and Trick or Treating fun but avoiding all the potential pit falls associated with food sensitivities.  Listed among their suggestion, I also recommend setting up a trading post for doing a treat exchange and or buy-back.  This allows kids to trade for safe goodies or to cash in their loot for coins.  At the end of the night you may even offer to exchange the whole lot for a new toy or gift card to their favorite book or toy store.   Follow this link to see the full article:  Grapevine: Trick or Treat! Seven ideas for a safe and happy Halloween

The ghostly season also brings lots of unexpected treats and baked goods at schools and daycares.  Consider a friendly reminder to teachers about your child’s restrictions and an offer to bring in safe treats when needed.  Coaching your child to avoid those treats, and rewarding with special prizes can go along way to helping them stick to their diets.

The Autism File has extra strategies for kids that might struggle with the Halloween environment. It has ideas for how to manage the tactile concerns with costumes and the extra stresses of door to door visits.  For that article follow: Top 10 Strategies “To Ensure Halloween is Healthy and Stress-Free for your Family” from Autism File Readers

Happy Halloween to all the little goblins and ghosts!

~ Dr Kellie

Naturopathic Physician