If you are thinking about eating a bit better you may have decided to eat more fresh fruits and veggies or to eat more local foods.  We’ve talked previously about getting a farm box delivered to your home and there is a new company in Victoria that does just that.  Have a look at Nature’s Farmacy food bin delivery. 

With these guys, you can customize your boxes with various amounts of fruits and/or veggies and you can add extra products such as organic nuts, chicken or turkey.  They even have locally made gluten free bread, pizza dough and toppings.  As with the best delivery companies, you have the ability to provide a list of favorite and disliked foods and you can skip/modify or cancel deliveries when needed.  As a bonus, they will deliver your box bright and early in the morning and will make a donation to feed and treat kids orphaned by HIV in Uganda.

My first box is set to deliver next week and I’m looking forward to trying some of the local spring greens!  As always, I love to hear comments and questions from you. ~ Kellie