massage therapy

The beauty industry reportedly worth over $445 billion, and let’s face it we’re all contributors. Yet for some, Massage Therapy is thought of as an unnecessary indulgence if not being used to solve a painful issue. However, Massage Therapy has a whole slew of health benefits, one such benefit being your appearance. As it turns out, receiving massages could save you money on beauty products in the long run.

Beauty Sleep

The sleeping benefits of a massage don’t just end after you wake up from dozing off during your appointment. On the contrary, massage boosts serotonin, reduces pain, and lowers stress hormones that quite often make it hard to get to and stay asleep. Getting enough sleep at night is key to repairing the body, losing weight, and fighting off infection.

Healthier Hair

Your scalp is the basis of healthy hair, taking care of it means better strands all over. Receiving a scalp massage increases blood flow, which will make your locks grown quicker and longer and reduce any dandruff.

Less Cellulite

Yes, that’s right, those little pockets of fun that most of us forced ourselves to love and accept can we wiped out with the help of massage. A massage by a well-trained RMT decreases lymphatic build-up, helping to prevent cellulite and increase oxygen-rich blood flow to your skin cells.

Glowing Skin

As with cellulite, massage improves circulation which enhancing skin’s glow. Regular facial massages can keep your face looking healthy and radiant. Massages plump skin, move toxins out of cells so nutrients can travel in, and breathe new life into a dull complexion.

Less Sickness

Massages by RMT’s have been proven to boost your overall immunity. This is achieved due to massages promoting healthy lymph flow and improving circulation. Because when you feel good, you look good too!