by Tasia Allen, Holistic Nutritionist

The beginning of a new year is a great time for setting some fresh and positive intensions. Drastic changes can be overwhelming and intimidating, so it can be helpful to focus on smaller, realistic adjustments, especially when it comes to your health. Here are a few practical and sustainable ideas:


  • Eat more fruits and veggies- the more variety and colors the better!
  • Consume more dietary fibre (fibre helps to support gut health, regulates bowel movements and blood sugar and can help to balance cholesterol levels in the blood). Don’t forget to increase water consumption when increasing fibre!
  • Drink more water- as water isn’t always appealing to everyone, try to add some extra flavor by adding lemon, lime, berries, cucumber or mint
  • Get more quality sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene
  • Take some time for your favorite forms of self-care
  • Practice positive body talk
  • Aim to prepare more meals at home
  • Rethink restrictive dieting and aim to create a sustainable, nourishing diet
  • Set positive nutrition goals, rather than focusing on limiting yourself

Seeing a Holistic Nutritionist can be a great way to help you plan out and implement some of your nutrition related goals for the new year!

Book in with Tasia and she’ll review your objectives along with your current nutrition practices, using this information she will create a practical nutrition plan that will help you reach your health goals.