Tasia grew up with a background of competitive gymnastics and sports, this is where she discovered her passion for health, nutrition, and fitness. She knew she wanted to use her love of nutrition to help support and empower others along their journeys. Tasia graduated in 2020 from Pacific Rim College, where she completed the most comprehensive Holistic Nutrition program in Canada. Here, she studied the principles of Western and Eastern medicine, allowing for a diverse approach when supporting her client’s nutritional needs. Through extensive clinical hours, Tasia gained experience working one-on-one with clients where she thoroughly enjoyed connecting with and supporting others on their wellness journeys. 

By assessing your medical history, specific symptoms, eating behavior, and personal preferences, Tasia will provide nutritional recommendations individually tailored to you, as no two people are alike. Tasia believes in a sustainable and practical approach to wellness, emphasizing the power of small changes to diet and lifestyle. She specializes in cardiovascular and digestive support but welcomes all new clients with various conditions. Tasia loves helping others reach their health goals and believes the path to wellness should be balanced and enjoyable. 

Whether you are beginning your health and food journey, need some ideas and support, or want to refresh your weekday meals, our registered nutritionist, Tasia Allen is here to aid you. It is a common misconception that a Nutritionist and Dietician are interchangeable terms.  Both work in a wide variety of settings and both use nutrition to help their clients improve their overall health and well-being. 

To become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, there are many different courses and diplomas one can take to become a registered nutritionist.  Once graduated, registration with a professional association is required to become registered and gain the designation of CCNP or RHN (Both are designations for Registered Nutritionists). Training to become a nutritionist is not centralized and can vary depending on the province. Nutritionists can work in private facilities, wellness clinics, nursing homes, schools, and gyms. Nutritionists work with clients to recommend diet modifications tailored specifically to them and their current needs. Nutritionists focus on the individual and their lifestyle, environment, and history. They also develop meal plans, help with meal planning and create recipes. Not all healthcare plans currently cover services from Holistic Nutritionists. 

In contrast, a Registered Dietician must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree, complete an internship and complete a national examination. Dietitians can work in schools, hospitals, private health facilities, research centres, nursing homes, gyms, and government facilities. All dietitians are usually covered by insurance and healthcare plans. Dieticians are more regulated than nutritionists and certified to treat clinical conditions. They can work with clients as part of a medical treatment program. They can diagnose and treat eating disorders as well as design diets for and treat other medical conditions. 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Tasia brings her extensive knowledge from her program and numerous clinical hours to serve her patients. If you are curious about what Tasia can offer you, you can book a 15-minute meet and greet (in-person or virtual) to have a better understanding of the benefits Tasia can provide you. To book an appointment with Tasia, call the clinic at (250) 598-3718 or follow this link to our online booking