Hello all,
These past two years working as an RMT I have experienced an abundance of inspiration, passion, and continuous learning. During this period, I have been on a transformative journey with my mentor/ healer, enhancing my relationship with myself, my ancestors, and the collective.

Amidst the challenges in our world, both on an individual and global scale, I (and I’m sure many of you have as well) have experienced a range of emotions —from anxiety and rage, to hopelessness and grief. As I undergo this personal growth, I feel compelled to make a shift – an evolution in my career.

My goal with this evolution in my practice is to create the space to offer more compassion, grounding, and support to others as we navigate these feelings and challenges. I hope to offer more profound avenues of healing for myself, my clients, and the collective. I wish to amplify the impact of my work by sharing more of my authentic self and the wisdom that flows through me, fostering the reconnection of Body, Mind, and Spirit for others.

I have found that the current 60-minute appointment does not align with the depth of what I have to offer. To slow down and be able to give more, starting April 2024, I will introduce 90-minute and 2-hour appointments. These extended appointments will be structured differently to allow for more exploration and reflection and will cater to individuals drawn to a more intuitive treatment approach. The extra time will allow for more spaciousness, connection, compassion, grounding, and support. I hope that this offering will allow for a deeper level of healing and nervous system regulation to unfold. We will work with a combination of massage therapy and somatic techniques.

I understand this decision may not align with some people’s current goals and/or may cause some people the inability to afford the treatments I offer. I wish to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have entrusted me to hold space for you, whether it was for many sessions or just once.

Please stay tuned for these new offerings, which will soon be available for online booking!

With much appreciation,
Marika Johnson RMT