Food Sensitivities

Helpful hints about how to negotiate a safe and fun Halloween!

Posted by on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 in Autism Spectrum: Biomedical Therapies, Food Sensitivities

I’ve talked before about two fantastic magazines (The Autism File and Gluten Free and More).  This month, both have articles discussing how to make Halloween fun, safe and stress-free of families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or special diets. Gluten Free and More‘s article focuses on tips for keeping Halloween and Trick or Treating fun […]

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I’ve got Food Sensitivies… So Now What’s the Plan?

Posted by on Thursday, May 19th, 2011 in Food Sensitivities

So you’ve done your food sensitivity testing, and you know you have foods you react to.. So now what?  Your practitioner will likely have recommendations for you based on your complaints but my usual suggestions are to avoid your most reactive foods and rotate through the milder sensitivities. Its important to remember that food sensitivities […]

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Food Sensitivity Testing – let’s talk about your options!

So as promised in the last posting, today I’ll give you a little more information about testing for Food Sensitivities.  And just to backtrack a little .. food sensitivities happen when the body reacts to proteins in specific foods and the immune system is activated by those proteins in much the same way as it […]

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Gluten Sensitivity, its not just a myth!

Finally, some research has illustrated what so many of us knew:  Even with a negative celiac test it is still possible to have a dramatic sensitivity to gluten proteins. Have a quick look at this article from the Wall Street Journal “Clues to Gluten Sensitivity” from March 15th, 2011 publication by Melinda Beck. Lisa Rayburn […]

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How to Manage Special Diets on Holidays? Plan for treats!

Posted by on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 in Autism Spectrum: Biomedical Therapies, Food Sensitivities

Special Diets can be extremely helpful for a number of conditions and complaints.  Anything from acne to Autism Spectrum Disorders often benefit from Special Diets, which might limit food sensitivities or completely avoid specific foods like Gluten and Casein.  And there is nothing more exciting than having a parent or patient return to the office […]

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