Holistic Nutrition FAQ

Holistic Nutritionist, Tasia answers some FAQ about her practice.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A Holistic Nutritionist is a trained professional who has been certified by an accredited school and is backed by a professional association. Using an integration of both Western and Traditional medicine, a Holistic Nutritionist will meet with you for a consultation. Your current symptoms or concerns, medical history, lifestyle factors and food preferences will be discussed and then a personalized nutrition plan will be created. Focus is placed on the individual as a whole and addressing all factors that have influence in their life. Holistic Nutritionists will help to make this nutritional information accessible and easy to put into practice. Most importantly, Holistic Nutrition focuses on how the use of everyday nutrition and daily eating habits can be used to benefit one’s health.


Why see a nutritionist?

A nutritionist focuses on an individual approach when addressing your concerns, creating a nutrition plan specifically catered to you. What we eat influences how we think, feel and behave. Why not eat in a way that will provide the most support to us and our well-being? A nutritionist will provide a plan tailored for you, taking into account your lifestyle and any personal preferences you may have regarding food. A nutritionist can provide many recommendations on the most supportive way to eat for various conditions, or can help with a smooth transition if you are looking to change your eating habits. Whatever your circumstance may be, a nutritionist can provide guidance, support and a sense of order around nutrition; something that can be a confusing and overwhelming topic at times.


What’s included in a nutrition plan?

A typical nutrition plan may incorporate:

  • Specific foods to include or avoid according to you and your current condition or symptoms
  • Supplement recommendations –  I believe certain people can benefit from supplements, however more is not necessarily better. Although it is common for people to supplement their diet, many of these vitamins and minerals can be readily attained from food.
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Tips or advice for meal planning and prepping
  • Meal plans or ideas, if necessary or requested
  • Anything else that may arise or that you may request! I am here to help you reach your nutrition goals


Are you covered by insurance?

Yes! Nutrition services may be covered if you have Manulife, GreenShield Canada, iA Financial Group, Sunlife, ClaimSecure Inc or Great West Life benefits. Be sure to check your coverage details under “Nutritional Counselling/Nutritionists.” Consult with your provider for more information.


Is Holistic Nutrition a licensed or regulated profession in BC?

No, Holistic Nutrition is not currently a regulated profession under the Health Professions Act in BC. However, Tasia works closely with Dr Kellie, our Naturopathic Physician.