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Sabrina Lundquist, B.SC., RAc


Sabrina is a Registered Acupuncturist with a passion for providing her clients with deeply relaxing treatments. While acupuncture and relaxation might seem like an odd pairing, what could be more relaxing than having that nervous stomach or muscle knot unwind? Suffering nauseating migraines frequently as a child, Sabrina is particularly excited about how well and how fast acupuncture treats most headaches.

Sabrina Graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s Spa Practitioner Program and provided massages at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe for over 10 years. A Regisiterd Acupuncturist since 2015, Sabrina incorporates Massage (Tui Na) in her hands on assessments and treatments.

Always curious about how things work and why, Sabrina earned a Diploma of Acupuncture from Pacific Rim College and a BSc. in Biology from the University of Victoria. She interviews each client, looking at current challenges, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view and a biomedical perspective.

Sabrina loves dance and movement therapies from Foxtrot and Pilates to Poi Spinning and Tai Chi lessons. When not dancing Sabrina is often reading, playing board games or trying out new massages. Clients are offered useful advice for reducing pain and stress but not pressured to adopt habits that don’t fit their lives. She offers 20 minute free consultations in person or by phone to anyone feeling curious or nervous.

Sabrina’s training includes continuing education courses in:

Sports Medicine Acupuncture

Common Injuries to the Neck & Shoulder-2018
Common Injuries to the Low Back and Hip-2017
Huatuojiaji Points: Vertebra Fixations and Facilitated Segments

Miscellaneous Acupuncture Courses

Nourishing Earth & Supporting Digestion Using Tui Na & Moxibustion- 2018
Evidence Based Acupuncture
Sinew Channels, theory and live impromptu case studies-2017

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Tessa Neilson RAc.

Tessa began her studies in acupuncture in 1997 and completed her diploma as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000. Tessa’s application of acupuncture is firmly rooted in the classic styles of 5-Element diagnosis. Using the tongue, pulse, and muscle testing to verify application of points, all to give a better overall picture of your root concerns.
Tessa has also completed training as a doula and has attended both home and hospital births while doing in depth studying obstetrical acupuncture.Tessa has studied numerous energy modalities over the years, and actively practices yoga and mediation on a daily basis.

While living and raising her daughter (Mary) in Whistler BC, Tessa’s also gained experience treating sports related injuries and athletes.

Since moving to Victoria, Tessa is hoping to expand her knowledge in treating complex internal diseases with a focus on women’s health.


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