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Tessa Neilson RAc.

Tessa began her studies in acupuncture in 1997 and completed her diploma as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000. Her application of acupuncture is firmly rooted in classic TCM modalities using observation as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis to properly assess and apply both distal and local points. After a thorough intake, Tessa seeks to resolve your immediate health concern using a combination of acupuncture, cupping and tuina massage, and apply a treatment plan when needed to ensure a complete recovery. 

Tessa began her practice in Vancouver while training as a doula and working under a local midwife back in 2001-2004. She has attended both home and hospital births and has learned to apply advanced obstetrical protocols to assist with any level of pregnancy and childbirth concerns. 

Tessa later moved to Whistler BC to enjoy the mountain lifestyle. There she gained hands on experience treating both acute and chronic sports-related injuries as well as working with athletes to rehab and train for special events. Tessa travelled throughout BC and AB with her daughter who skied competitively on the Whistler Freeride team. 

Since moving to Victoria, Tessa is hoping to expand her practice by offering treatments for more complex internal diseases with a focus on women’s health: fertility, pregnancy, menopause and everything in between. 


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