Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is a natural, science based modality that can be used to support a variety of conditions and benefit overall well-being. A Holistic Nutritionist will evaluate various factors in your life including diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise and stress. Using this information, a customized nutrition plan will be created specifically for you and your needs. Importance will be placed on ensuring these plans are approachable and practical, because nutrition should not only be manageable but enjoyable as well. Seeing a Holistic Nutritionist can also help you optimize your nutrition awareness, set attainable goals, and provide you with support and clarification on your health journey.

Currently Holistic Nutrition is a non-regulated profession in British Columbia, however our practitioner works close in hand with our Naturopathic Physician.


Holistic Nutrition can help with:

Digestive Issues, mood disorders, fatigue and insomnia, food allergies and sensitivities, cardiovascular issues, immune system support, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain and weight loss, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, recovery from substance abuse, dietary transitions and much, much more!