Services and Fees

Initial Holistic Nutrition Consult ($175)

Session 1 – 60 min

An hour long in-person consultation where Tasia will collect information about your full health history, specific symptoms, your health goals, nutrition concerns, your lifestyle, food preferences and any other details she needs to create a customized nutrition plan catered to you. This will be followed by session 2, in which she will deliver and review this plan.

Session 2 – 30-45 min

This session is designed to review the plan together and should be booked the week following your initial consultation. Here, Tasia will review the recommendations with you, offering you support and answering any questions you may have. Here you will receive your personal nutrition plan with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, along with any other specifics you may have requested.

Follow up Holistic Nutrition Consults

Follow up sessions will provide continued support, and can be booked as needed.

Detailed – 60 min ($100)

Tasia will discuss with you your progress and next steps. With this appointment you will receive another personalized PDF with nutrition recommendations, along with any other specifics you may have requested.

Brief – 30 min ($75)

This appointment can be used to review your goals and progress, and to alter your nutrition plan as needed. During this time, Tasia will answer any questions you may have, make specific adjustments to your plan, and offer continued support.

All appointments can be booked for an In-Person or Virtual consult.