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New Patient Paperwork

Pediatric Autism Spectrum Intake Form

Pediatric Autism Spectrum Intake Form


Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. It truly complements conventional medicine by addressing the underlying cause of disease.

While Naturopathic Medicine can directly address and treat the symptoms of illness, it really does more by removing any blocks to your health and supporting your body in its own healing and by providing the healthiest way of being. Naturopathic Medicine incorporates many healing modalities and tools including: lifestyle modification, counselling, health education, nutritional intervention, mineral supplementation, homeopathy and herbal medicine.


The following is a list of services and therapies offered.

Preventative Lifestyle Modification

This involves doing a comprehensive assessment and creating a health plan including lifestyle factors like: diet, exercise, self care and stress management.


Using diet analysis and food sensitivity and allergy testing to find and organize the most effective and manageable nutrition plan.

Botanical Medicine

Naturopathic Physicians or NDs are trained herbalists and know the scientific and historical uses of plants. NDs also have specialized training in the safety and potential interactions of those plants with prescription medications.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a distinct discipline and uses specifically chosen and prepared natural substances to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. This can be used for acute conditions (earache, teething, or diarrhea) or for more general complaints.

Mineral Supplementation

Using therapeutic doses of various vitamins or minerals to support body systems and promote optimal functioning.


Using various counselling techniques to discover and address emotional or spiritual blocks to wellness.


Dr. Ferguson has access to several laboratories, allowing for routine blood testing, diagnostic testing and specialty hormonal, systems or food sensitivity and food and environmental allergy testing. NDs are trained in conventional laboratory testing, though current legislation limits our testing through BC laboratories. Labs can be ordered by Naturopathic Physicians, however the cost is not covered by Medicare. We also use many laboratory testing through various labs in Canada and the US, including food sensitivity tests, stool microbiology testing, methylation and genomics tests and many more. Dr. Kellie can also perform a skin prick environmental allergy test and can dispense sublingual desensitization drops.

Conditions Treated:

Many, if not all conditions can be benefited by seeing a Naturopathic Physician such as Dr Kellie. She has a special interest in Autism and ADHD and Women’s Health but does not limit her practice to those areas. She considers her practice a Naturopathic Family Practice and welcomes any that would like to visit. If you have any questions about if she can help with your particular complaint please feel free to call the office at (250) 598-3718.